The present clock was built by Geoffrey Newey of R Newey & Son in 1966

Although St Martin's has had a clock overhanging the street since the 17th century the present clock dates from the 1960s restoration of the church and was built and maintained for over 40 years by Mr Geoffrey Newey of the York firm of R Newey & Son. It was the only turret clock to be designed by his father Roland, who died before it could be constructed.

Whilst the present clock mechanism was completed in 1966, what you see from the street is very much how the pre-war clock will have looked. The bracket is from the Cooke clock of 1856 and the figure of the naval officer on the top of the drum dates from 1779. The head of Father Time at the end was copied from the original of 1856 which had to be replaced because it was charred in the fire.

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